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Out With The Old, In With The New: Maximalism

Holly Draper

Posted on January 09 2018

Out With The Old, In With The New: Maximalism

Out With The Old Minimalism, In With The New Maximalism

Have you caught on to the new 2018 home trend of maximalism? It's all about making the big bold and beautiful statements in your living quarters this year. Bring in the color! Bring in the art! It's a great time to be thinking about transforming your living space. Here's a few tips on revamping your space for 2018.


1. Add Some Color

Switch out your old blah white walls for some gorgeous color walls. It's been psychologically proven that color on walls have an ability to invoke certain positive feelings such as happiness, creativity, calmness, and tranquility. Do you research on what colors fit your personality best. Here's a small chart to get you started.

Extra Tip: Majestic purple has been chosen as the "it color" of 2018.


2. Contrast


What makes rooms truly pop? Contrasting colors! They are harmony to a room and give that extra zing of life. Contrasting colors help create that bold statement in a room that definitely builds character. Check out the contrast color chart below to figure out what contrasting colors will work for your room!


3. Accessorize

Much like everyday outfits, rooms need decorative items to pull together the look and feel to a room. Here are three items from our For The Home Collection that would look amazing in your home revamping.


1. 3 Sisters Shower Curtains

Why it's awesome: Traditional bathrooms typically don't have much color or artwork and tend to be very drab. Our 3 Sisters Shower Curtain brings inviting color, artwork, and girl powered character into your bathroom (get ready for the "oh this is so cute!" squeals from all your girlfriends). How's that for a quick 2018 maximalist upgrade?


2. Queenin' Pillow

Why it's awesome: Sometimes it's not about the artwork, it's about the plain statement. With our Queenin' pillow, simplistic but bold statements can be make on your office chair, couch, or bedroom. They are great for comfort and cuddling up with. It's also a great reminder piece, on low days, of who you are. 



3. Miss Boss Lady Mug 

Why it's awesome: Mugs in an office are typically used in two ways; Either to drink with or to house pens with. If your using it for either, why not make a bold statement out of it? Entrè our Miss Boss Lady Mug. It makes a great cheeky touch to your office space because, well you're the boss! 


Okay, now it's your turn. Sound off below on your thoughts on maximalism and share some of your tips below!


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