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Speak Life Over Your 2018

Holly Draper

Posted on January 03 2018

Speak Life Over Your 2018

Written by Shop Draped creator, Holly Draper.

Positive affirmations have made a great impact in becoming a better person. I read them daily. I speak them before bed. I listen to them in my sleep. When I fallback and stop using them, I typically see a dip in my business and in my health.
One of the ways I love to celebrate and share positive affirmations is through clothing. I spend a lot of money buying positive tee shirts that not only bring a smile to my face but to others who may be checking out my outfit. I wanted to start off our 2018 new releases on a more positive note and created two new positive affirmation tees.


Repeat these two affirmations multiple times after you wake up and before you go to sleep:
I am me, and that is my power.
I am a warrior woman.
I found myself repeating these two affirmations consistently throughout 2017 and saw my sense of courageousness grow tremendously.
What's great about wearing positive affirmations on your tee is that you get a consistent reminder of positivity throughout the day. As I said above, you also share positivity with by-passers that read and are inspired by your tee. It's refreshing to be a ball of positivity all day long and bring smiles to those who need them most!


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