Holly Draper is a creative Delawarean seamstress who has been designing clothes and accessories since 2014. Holly’s clothing designs are inspired by her travels to different countries, bold or textile prints, and bright colors. Holly received her degree in Clinical Psychology in 2013 from Lincoln University. After graduating, Holly went on to work in the mental health care field. She landed a job as a drug and alcohol counselor in 2014.

After dealing with much stress  and overwhelm from work, Holly started to take sewing classes as a hobby and a way to unwind from her job.

 She enjoyed sewing so much that she slowly started to put ideas together to start a business. At the end of 2015, Holly’s job announced that she would be losing her job in February 2016 due to downsizing and moving farther downstate.

 Too far of a drive for Holly, she decided to apply for other counseling positions around her area. When all of the positions became filled for the jobs she applied for, Holly was given the idea to launch her business plans into what is now known as Draped.

 She hopes to inspire women to be authentically themselves and embrace the freedom of self-expression through bright bubbly colors and bold prints.



Inspiration of Draped: Florida Keys from Shop Draped on Vimeo.