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My name is Holly Draper, and I'm a creative with a mission. I want to create a place for women to express their unique individuality with a bold statement.

I've always loved creating and crafting. In fact, around 2013 I began sewing as a way to destress from work.
After losing my job as a counselor in early 2016, I pursued my dream of becoming a full-time creative and entrepreneur. That summer, after much planning and praying, I launched Draped.
I was super nervous about becoming a failure, but starting Draped was truly the best decision of my life.

Through Draped, we help the outspoken modern woman outwardly express her inner-most authentic self.

And speaking of authenticity, we pride ourselves at Draped in creating many of our pieces with 100% authentic African ankara sourced directly from West Africa. We also support and wholesale many of our unique jewelry pieces from female jewelry artisans. We truly believe in sisterhood, supporting small businesses, and straight up GIRL POWER!

My goal is to inspire and create more contagiously confident women inside and out. 

Rock it. Own it. Spread your colors.

I'm truly honored and humbled that you've chosen to add Draped as a part of your closet. Cheers to confidently slaying the game, your way!

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