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Find Your Signature Style

Holly Draper

Posted on January 08 2019

Find Your Signature Style

 Find Your Signature Style

It's 2019, so "New Year, New Me" right? Girl bye, take that ol' tired message back to 2018. Try "New Year, Bold Me". This is the year that we really dig in deep with creating your best you. Today we are centering in on finding your signature style. Your style is an outward expression of who you truly are and just like you, it's always evolving. But how do you pinpoint that look that truly speaks to you? Let's jump right into it.

1. Find your style muses.

Notice I put the s at the end of muse because more than likely you are not going to find only one icon or influencer that truly defines your style. (I mean we are multidimensional beings 💁🏾). One of my personal favorite muses will always be RiRi (above). Her street style truly speaks to the daring and adventurous girl in me. However, I also love June Ambrose, Cardi B, and SZA's style too.

Can't figure out who helps define your style? Head on over to Pinterest! Searching for the keywords "street style", "style icons", and "style influencer" and pinning your favorites will help inspire which direction your personal style will go. 

2. What's the word?

Once you are able to pinpoint your style inspiration, take some time to figure out what words help describe and define the photos. Are you into more glam looks, minimalistic style, or rockabilly themed clothing? Make a list of the words that feel most true to you.

3. Pick your signature piece(s)

Your signature piece is what helps you leave your mark in the world. Style trendsetters always have key signature items that become a part of who they are. My signature pieces have been my black cat-eye sunglasses and a whimsical headwrap (which you can also see incorporated into our logo).

Signature Piece Ideas

Bohemian Beauty

 Did you find that you are more of a Bohemian chic kind of girl? Our Desert Blue Headwrap is perfect for pairing up with your new found bohemian clothing. It's perfect to wear daily and virtually matches with anything.

Click here to shop our Desert Blue Headwrap now.

Electric Eclectic 

Describe your style as more eclectic? Eclectic style is often led by striking clothing pieces and one of a kind jewelry pieces. Rev up your jewelry box with the Autumn Breeze Choker and Gilded Coral Necklace. Add extra drama by pairing the two together.

New Age Mod

Feeling a bit more mod with your style? When I think of mod clothing, I instantly think of the classic 1960's shift dress. It's super easy to throw on, accessorize, and keep it pushing. We give a unique new age spin on the mod dress with the Addie Dress using African ankara. Click here to shop the Addie Dress now.


In the comments below, describe to us what your signature style is and what signature pieces you've chosen to represent you!


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