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How To Travel With Just A Backpack

Holly Draper

Posted on September 16 2018

How To Travel With Just A Backpack
In Arches National Park in Moab, Utah
Imagine this: You're going away on a 3 Night 4 Day getaway to Utah. You scored an awesome deal on your flight. Just one problem: You have to pay an additional $100 to check your bags each leg of your trip. *Closes wallet, laughs, and walks away*
As I traveled more in my 20's, I've definitely learned the art of packing the backpack to keep costs low. I've traveled domestically and internationally with one bag on my back and a few extra coins to put into my savings account. Below are a few tips on how I pack my bag.
1. Pick a backpack that has organizational space.
Organizing is the keyword for traveling with just a backpack. How you organize your bag effects how much space you will have in the long run. Bags that have compartments for laptops or front pockets where you can put smaller items are super perfect for flying with.
2. Use toiletry bags, cosmetic bags, or quart size ziplock bags
Toiletry bags are great for putting all your makeup, brushes, and smaller toiletry items in. These are important to have because they organize all the smaller items that can take up a lot of space in your backpack. Definitely opt to use travel size products rather than full-size products when you are flying A. because TSA will stop you and throw them out if they are full size and B. they help with maintaining space in your bag. Double check the liquids rule before flying.
For smaller pieces of clothing like underwear, swimwear, bras, tees or headwraps, definitely stuff them in cosmetic bags. Again this tremendously helps with maximizing space within your bag and helps them not get lost in your bag. 
Although I personally do not own any (*yet), packing cubes are great to use when putting together your bag and have seen them work magic for my own friends.
3. Clothes At The Bottom
I pack the rest of my bag by simply folding them up and stacking them all together as tightly as possible. All clothes are packed at the bottom of my bag. My laptop is packed on its side and closest to my back so it receives the most support and protection while traveling. On top, the cosmetic bags that you've previously packed as well as bigger items such as cameras or shoes.
4. Wear What You Can
To save room sometimes I wear items on the plane to make traveling easier. Jackets, swimsuits, doubling up leggings and shorts, and hoodies, definitely come in handy.
Time To Relax and Get To Your Destination
One added benefit to solo backpack traveling is that you no longer have to wait in line for baggage and move out the airport to your destination much faster. It feels good to only have to carry one bag throughout your trip as you will have less to be responsible for.
My backpack Sept 2018 heading to Utah


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